Happy with all of us - Conduct violence preventive education activities for school

The Korea International School in Ho Chi Minh City (Kim Won-kyun) conducted school violence prevention training activities for 352 fifth and sixth graders on May 14 under the theme of " Happy Together. "

The education was conducted by teacher Yu Hyung-seok, the director of the school's life guidance department, on the differences between fun and violence, types and cases of school violence, methods to cope with school violence, and the role of the student leadership committee. In particular, considering the growing number of cyber bullying, verbal violence, and bullying, the Commission presented various cases related to them and specifically suggested ways for students to practice them in their lives.

After the training session, one of the students said, ' I learned that my usual playful actions could be violence to someone, and I reflected on my own feelings because I remembered what I had done wrong in cyberspace. '

Principal Kim Won-kyun said, " Through this education, students could learn how to understand each other, communicate with each other, and build a good relationship between students. [Data : Korea International School in Ho Chi Minh City]