Korea International School in Ho Chi Minh City hosts " 2018 Unification Golden Bell " – Co-ordination of the Vietnam Co

The Korea International School in Ho Chi Minh City hosted the Vietnam Advisory Council (President Park Nam-jong) and the Consul of Unification at the School Advitation Hall on May 26.

About 80 of the 10th and 11th graders participated in the event, which started with a congratulatory speech by the South Korean consul general Ho Chi Minh, Lim Jae-hoon. A quiz and an objective quiz were held, and those who made it to the finals were given a subjective quiz competition.
The consolation match, which was held during the event, was played as the next game of jegichagI by key figures who participated. Students and officials of the same group joined together to add joy, as the Vietnamese leader Park Nam-jong won the jegichagI contest.

On the other hand, in addition to the Golden Bell event held on the same day, unification education cultural events were held in the mid-ranking division. The lower grades held a unification cartoon drawing contest, a unification character drawing contest, and a unification UCC making contest. A picture of winning the competition was displayed at the entrance to the event hall.

Kim Ye-rin (11th grade), the final winner of the " Unification Golden Bell, " received round-trip air tickets and a public offering to participate in the main events in Korea. In addition, he performed Lucky Draw and handed out various products and gifts to many students.

A city official at Ho Chi Minh City's Korean International School said, The Golden Bell event will help students increase their interest and understanding in North Korea and promote their future growth as a major player in the nation.