Ho Chi Minh City Korea International School grows as a beautiful educational donation

A beautiful school for education is continuing in Ho Chi Minh City. Principal Kim Won-kyun unveiled a total of 340 million school development funds raised until May 2018, expressing his deep gratitude to Korean society and companies that participated in the sharing.

The Association of Korean Studies in Ho Chi Minh City, which donated 60 million buildings to expand educational facilities, and the Association of American Textile Consultants in Ho Chi Minh.

Currently, Ho Chi Minh City's Korea International School was the largest among the 33 Korean international schools in the world, and it was able to grow into a school with very high educational satisfaction.

In response, Principal Kim Won-kyun said, " Recently, we are receiving a variety of educational donations to secure sustainable school facilities and budget for student support.

Meanwhile, in Ho Chi Minh City, Korea International School receives money from individuals, organizations and companies, as well as any educational supplies such as goods and books. Donations to be raised are being used by donors, and the current list of classroom extension donors (companies) will be preserved permanently in the school history section. More information can be found in the School Administration Office (028-5417 - 9021) or on the homepage.

[Data : Korea International School in Ho Chi Minh City]