A monthly meeting of the Federation of Investment Companies in Vietnam

(Ho Chi Minh Life Plaza) : In 2008, the Busan Investment Business Association opened its Vietnamese representative office in Ho Chi Minh City to gather various information about the city as a window for supporting tourism with foreign cities.

On May 27, Vietnam's Busan Investment Business Association held a monthly meeting at a restaurant in Taekwang Country Club. A total of 20 members of the association attended the event.

The annual Beveaux meeting held meetings on various events in Vietnam in June. The meeting included the opening of ▲ 2018 Kosham Forum and the opening of the 57th Kosham Forum and the introduction guide for the Global Management Institute of Daewoo in 2017.

In addition, the Busan Metropolitan City Mayor Lee Ho Chi Minh, who is scheduled to visit Vietnam at the end of May to encourage the creation of the ▲ Vietnamese Shoes Association, was scheduled to visit the city.

Afterwards, the delivery ceremony was held for the members who had performed well at the golf tournament, and the event was followed by introducing new members who had made new appearances. After the event, all the members had a dinner together, strengthening friendship and friendship.