If you want to go out on a date in Vietnam, get your smartphone out

Popular dating program

Rudicaf is by far the most popular application among young Vietnamese people. Rudicaf is a service that matches male and female members to date and requires a degree of at least 8 million won (approx. In order to prevent the influx of married people with impure intentions, they should thoroughly investigate and submit their resume and income certificates in addition to their membership applications. Rudicaf has many complaints surrounding Rudicaf, which includes the need to pass the overly strict standards and a fee of $ 500 to $ 1,000 per year for a startup company in Vietnam, but Rudicaf is the most popular among Vietnamese.

A scene of B.B. Muon Hen (B.B.H.), a TV show for dating matching. Picture YouTube Capture – Author MCVMedia

The theme of " Date Matching " is also a favorite subject of TV programs. A TV program called Van Mu-hoon, where men and women want to talk with each other without seeing each other's faces, and when the story is ripe, they search in earnest and decide whether to date.) has been enjoying great popularity since its start in November 2003.

Also, Hen Ho KenyI (H-Laund Kinh), whose stories are supposed to be viewed by men and women wearing weird masks and who choose a date, is also related to the program the next day.

Due to this characteristic of the younger generation, dating, dating and dating are popular keywords in Vietnam. The marketing of lovers on Valentine's Day, Women's Day, and Christmas are also gaining popularity.

Preference for low-cost and efficient dating

So where do Vietnamese lovers go on dates?

According to the Vietnamese market research site Q & Me, couples ' favorite date place appeared as a movie theater, followed by coffee shops, streets (walking), parks, shopping malls, aquariums and restaurants. The same survey showed that the cost of dating in the first inning was 190,000 won (about 885.4 dollars), and that young couples can choose to spend a long time together as an efficient date.

The guide board of the downtown Ho Chi Minh City Theater. ① Songsusan

This is the typical date course for Vietnamese lovers. A man uses his motorcycle to pick up a woman and meet her in the middle of the ride. Recently, more and more people are using motorcycle taxis for convenience. Their main destination is a movie theater or a riverside, and you can easily find their date around the Saigon River on Saturday evening. The arcade and bowling alley inside a large shopping mall are also popular dating places.

Local youths are actively using promotions and coupons to make dates at a limited cost, but in the recent survey, 85 percent of the respondents are paying more for them.

Dating violence that has emerged as a social issue.

Lovers ' marketing is the most popular item in Vietnam, but there are many side effects. As the number of dates online increases, meetings that are held without knowing each other can lead to violence, and special stories about the dangers of anonymous dating are also easy to spot.

According to Vietnamese media PHAT LUAT, a survey of 569 women aged 18 to 30 showed that 59 percent of the respondents suffered from violent dating and 21 percent were injured physically or mentally. Recently, there have been reports pointing out the dangers of online dating in various media outlets, and incidents of violent acts involving visiting friends of boyfriends or husbands are also reported.

According to a Vietnamese media called D.W., Ngwen Ahn, president and psychologist of a Vietnamese psychological consulting firm, has found the problem to be a problem for the victim. In addition, a member of the United Nations ạ

Vietnam is a young country with an average age of 30. Therefore, dating and dating are also of great interest, as issues related to sex and love are at the top of the list of search terms every year. Recently, interest in international relationships, including Korea, has increased, and the number of international marriages is increasing every year. As the story is beautiful among lovers, there are stories about dating disputes and violence. Hopefully, the Vietnamese interest and curiosity about love can be maintained and developed in a healthy way.

Source : http://www.womennews.co.kr/news/142288