South Gyeongsang Agricultural Products, Export Agreement to China and Vietnam $ 5.7 Million

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Popular popularity of citron tea and kimsac
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South Gyeongsang Province has completed a $ 5.7 million export contract with local importers and distributors in Shanghai and Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

South Gyeongsang Province said the result of its efforts to develop overseas sales channels for agricultural products in Shanghai, China, and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, from July 14 to 17.

A local market survey was conducted to establish a plan to promote the export of agricultural products to South Gyeongsang Province, which is being prepared by South Gyeongsang Province to advance the export of agricultural products to South Gyeongsang Province.

Lee Jeong-gon, head of the agricultural policy bureau in South Gyeongsang Province, the National Agricultural Technology Institute in South Gyeongsang Province, the National Agricultural Cooperative Federation in South Gyeongsang Province, and the Korea Agricultural and Fisheries Association played a role in Shanghai, China.

After reviewing conditions of operation such as local consumer response and activities related to buyers, it discussed trends in Chinese agricultural and fisheries markets and ways to expand exports of agricultural products in South Gyeongsang Province.

In order to expand exports, representatives of antenna shop operations suggested that local agricultural products need to be exported to China's inland region, which is less competitive with Korean conglomerates.

On July 15, 40 promotion events were held at the Shanghai Tax Sangseong Store for 12 companies, including citron tea, international wine and snacks. Citron tea, doragecheong, bulgogi sauce, noodles, and seaweed snacks were popular.

The South Gyeongsang provincial government visited the Korea Food and Drug Administration and the Shanghai branch of the Cheongdo Revolution Village to introduce the products and discuss exports. It also held an export consultation meeting with three local buyers to sign an export deal worth $ 3.5 million for baby snacks, red ginseng products and cotton products.

On the 16th and 17th, they visited local retailers (E-Mart), Mega Market, Bi ., and K-Market in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, to check the distribution status of Vietnamese agricultural products. The food trading company Vina Huresh also visited Korea to investigate the import status of agricultural products and domestic agricultural products.

It also examined the feasibility of setting up an overseas antenna shop that would serve as a base for exporting agricultural products to South Gyeongsang Province. By combining export possibilities and others, it is actively considering selecting the best place to open in second half of this year.

Vietnam is a huge market with a population of more than 96 million. Last year, South Gyeongsang Province agricultural products exported to Vietnam accounted for 29 million dollars, accounting for 2 percent of the country's agricultural exports.

In order to increase the proportion of exports to Vietnam and diversify its export items, the Korea Export Advisory Council in Ho Chi Minh City decided to export the apples of the Korea Agricultural Cooperative Federation by exporting the strawberries and the Ahn National Agricultural Cooperative Federation, while exporting energy drinks and other sources.

South Gyeongsang Province will support Chinese customs clearance registration and strengthen online marketing to expand exports to China, and boost its export competitiveness by promoting products through antenna stores and export-only websites.

" China has become more popular in mobile shopping and payment, and new oil container systems are also changing rapidly, " said Lee Jeong-gon, director of South Gyeongsang Province's policy bureau. In addition, we decided to install a new antenna shop in Southeast Asia to expand export of agricultural products based on Vietnam.

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