Vietnam stock market crash, virtual currency fraud, and the evaporation of the Bitcoin $ 700 million

The Vietnamese stock market is collapsing.

According to the U.S. and Vietnamese stock markets on Wednesday, Vietnam VN`s stock index fell 3.8 percent on Monday.

This is a 23 percent drop from the highest point in April.

In recent months, Vietnam's stock prices have dropped the most across the world.

The fall of the Vietnamese stock market began on April 23.

Over the four days from April 23, VN Index fell 6.2 percent. After a series of confusion, it fell again on May 28.

The Vietnamese stock market rose 48 percent in the past year.

The stock market has heated up as the Vietnamese government's privatization of state-owned companies and foreign direct investment, or FDI expansion, have been on the rise.

U.S. stock market experts are paying attention to the collapse of the booming Vietnamese stock market and the virtual currency fraud.

A $ 666 million virtual currency fraud occurred in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, in mid-May.

The incident caused many losses.

Many of Vietnam's private investors reinstall their profits from virtual currencies in the stock market.

As the virtual currency fraud scandal broke out, investors are selling stocks en masse to recover liquidity.

In addition, the outflow of foreign investors is also serious.

U.S. stock market experts say the rising interest rate of U.S. government bonds has made investment in emerging economies very attractive.

The slowdown in the Asian stock market could be particularly serious, they said.

As Vietnam has risen amid low interest rates, concerns are rising over the era of high interest rates.

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